Where Can I Find Shed Pricing? FAQ



Where can I find shed pricing?

There are several ways to get pricing…

  • You can download a catalog that includes base prices for all our building styles.
  • When you use our 3D builder and enter your zip code you’ll get a cost estimate in real-time as you design your building.

Is there an extra fee for delivery?

First 25 miles free. Over 25 miles from the dealer’s location will be subject to an additional charge.

  • To get a more accurate price on your building that includes taxes and fees, use our quote request form, or submit your design for a quote in the 3D builder.
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Do I need to do any site preparation before delivery?

You are responsible for preparing the site for your building. A level gravel pad is the recommended foundation for a storage shed. But we can also level your shed (up to 12×24) using concrete blocks on a slight slope. Please note: Leveling with blocks may not be an option in every situation.

Do I need to be at home for the delivery?

Yes, we ask that you are present at the time of delivery.

How much time is required to complete the delivery?

In most cases, delivery and set up is completed within 1-2 hours after the delivery truck arrives at your home.

Will Timberline Barns remove a fence or cut tree branches that are obstructing the path to the shed site?

You are responsible to make sure your site is completely accessible. A site with blocked access may result in a failed delivery and/or additional charges.

Do I need to get a permit for my shed?

Check with your township or neighborhood HOA to find out if you need a permit before installing a shed.

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Timeframe, Warranty, and Payment Options

How long will it take until my shed will be delivered?

Our delivery lead times vary with the time of year and current demand. We can usually deliver your pre-made buildings from our Dealers lots within 3 business weeks. Special order buildings may require up to 6 business weeks before delivery. Check with your local Dealer or the Timberline Barns office for current lead times.

What type of warranty does Timberline Barns provide on their buildings?

Timberline Barns warrants to the purchaser, that the Timberline Barns storage shed includes a 5-year workmanship limited warranty from the date of purchase. (See our Warranty online for additional details)

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, checks, debit, and most major credit cards. We also offer Rent-to-Own options to help you purchase or lease the shed that best suits your needs.

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