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Cabin Decor

Cabin Decor Ideas

Did you know that cabin decor is becoming increasingly popular? Many people are choosing to escape from city life and enjoy nature. Take a look at this blog to see how you can select the ideal decor for your cabin!


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Attached vs Detached Garage: All You Need to Know

Are you wondering what the right choice is for your garage needs? Learn all you need to know in this blog about attached vs. detached garages to make an informed decision on the right type of garage for you.


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35 Man Cave Sheds Ideas

Every man needs their own space. However, knowing how to set it up with everything you need can feel a bit overwhelming. Take a look at this blog to see how your man cave shed can be the talk of the town!


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Benefits Of A Lofted Garage

Looking for a workhorse of a garage? Take a look at the lofted garage as it can offer you some of the best storage solutions on the market!


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Wooden Sheds- All You Need to Know

Owning a wooden shed, as compared to a metal or plastic shed, has several benefits. To begin with, wooden sheds offer a good look. You get that organic and “traditional” shed look with wooden sheds. Additionally, wooden sheds are far more adaptable than metal or plastic ones because you can firmly attach shelves, and they can take paint well, unlike metal sheds.


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10×10 Sheds are one of the most popular sizes for homeowners because of how versatile they are. They are large enough to be converted into workshops or offices and are affordable enough to just use for storage! Get some info on the perfect 10×10 shed in this blog!


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How Much Do Tiny Homes Cost? A Complete Guide

Tiny homes are a growing trend in the housing industry, offering a more sustainable and affordable option for homeowners. While the concept of tiny homes is simple, the cost can vary widely depending on several factors, including location, materials, and customization. In this comprehensive guide, we will examine what affects tiny home costs with Timberline Barns.

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Gazebo Lighting Ideas: Five Innovative Ways to Brighten your Backyard Space

Are you having a hard time deciding on the right way to add lighting to your gazebo? Look through our best options to brighten your gazebo space and improve the look of your outdoor structure.

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Storage Shed Uses – Convert Your Shed Today!

For decades, the shed was known as a simple storage solution—a place to throw your mower, tools, and equipment and move on. But lately, there has been a revolution. Homeowners have begun to reclaim their space and do more with it by converting their sheds into beautiful, livable spaces, specialized for their hobbies.

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The 6 Benefits of Backyard Sheds You Must Know Before Purchasing

Every homeowner comes to a point where they look around, suffocated by the endless amount of things they’ve hoarded over the years. You are not the only one going through something like this. Most homeowners put off the need to invest in additional storage space like a backyard shed. But what makes these outdoor storage spaces so vital? Why are more and more homeowners choosing to invest in these backyard sheds?

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11 of the Most Simple and Easy Shed Organization Tips

Here at Timberline Barns, we’ve done the research and have come up with the most creative, simple, and easy shed organization tips for every homeowner. All of these tips and ideas are relatively simple and can be acted on with just a few household items. No need to break the bank or go searching for exotic parts and pieces!

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10×12 Sheds – The Most Affordable and Versatile Shed Option

10×12 Sheds are one of the most popular sizes for homeowners because of how versatile they are. They are large enough to be converted into workshops or offices and are affordable enough to just use for storage! Get some info on the perfect 10×12 shed in this blog!

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backyard sheds for sale

Affordable Backyard Sheds For Sale – The Ultimate Storage Solution

Backyard sheds are one of the best tools for homeowners to solve their storage problems. They are affordable, functional, and can complement any home. Read more about the beauty of these structures and find out how you can get started in buying one yourself!

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13 Tips To Start Your Prefab Cabin Airbnb Business

A very popular trend these days is turning a prefab cabin into an Airbnb unit! Because we love building prefab cabins here at Timberline Barns, and we love that people are using them in such clever ways, we’ve put together this guide with 13 tips for starting your own prefab cabin Airbnb business. 

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9 Tips and Tricks to Build the She Shed of Your Dreams

It can be challenging to manage everything in life, and that’s why a she shed allows you to unwind after a long day. This is even more so when it is in an environment that you’ve designed, an environment that is true to your liking. So to help you in your journey to build the best she shed, we’ve come up with a list of 9 she shed ideas and tips to convert your shed into your own safe haven.

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tiny house

Converting A Shed Into Tiny House: Save Money

Are you in search of a tiny house builder in Virginia, TN, KY, GA, or OH that will provide sheds you can use to create your own tiny house? If your answer is “yes” Timberline Barns is happy to help you accomplish your dream. You can order your shed from us and finish out the interior yourself, converting it from a quality shed into a beautiful tiny house. We offer a large selection of shed styles from the simple Garden Shed to the Lofted Barn with Windows. Keep reading our article to find out how to save money and time by converting a shed into a tiny house.

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8×12 Shed: Most Useful Shed

Are you looking for extra storage space for your backyard? And you’ve decided on an 8×12 shed as your possible option. But, before you order your storage building, let’s look at a few things to be sure you won’t wish you ordered a larger one when it arrives.

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Small Shed Guide: 6 Interior Options

After years of searching for the perfect house, you finally found one! It has everything you ever wanted. The house has a finished basement, multiple bathrooms, and a wonderful yard to start the garden that you always wanted! But you realize there is nowhere to store your new garden tools. What you may need is a small backyard shed to make these problems disappear.

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Small Storage Sheds Guide: Why You Must Have One

So, you’ve been working on your backyard, and you’re looking for any place to store everything all together? Look no further. Perhaps you require a small storage room to house your essentials. Whatever your reason, if you’re searching for a low-cost storage building that also has a lot of wonderful features. A small storage shed is a perfect choice!

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The Hunting Cabin – 5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Are you dreaming of returning from your long and vigorous day of hunting to a warm and inviting hunting cabin of your very own?

Instead of sleeping in your truck, traveling into town, or camping out in the cold, imagine driving up to your very own cabin. As you unlock its front door, warm air lingers and greets you from the wood stove in your rustic living room.

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Lofted Barn Sheds – The Complete Buyer’s Guide

It is increasingly common for people to invest in some type of outdoor storage building, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Storage shed and storage barn sales increased drastically in 2020 because as people started spending more time at home, they realized that they needed new methods for organization and that storage sheds were an excellent solution to that problem.

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office portable cabins

Portable Cabins – A Wonderful Creation of the Modern World

A portable cabin may be the building that you need to bring a complete touch to your vacations. Travelers, design devotees, and outdoor lovers can admire the versatility of a portable cabin because they are affordable, mortgage-free, have a deeper connection with the outdoors, and are perfect for minimalist living. Most people say that portable cabins are a wonderful creation of modern thinking. Read more about these cute tiny houses.

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Prefab Garage Size Selection Guide

When choosing to invest in a prefab garage to keep your vehicles and other valuables safe, the first thing you need to figure out is what prefab garage size will best meet your needs? Choosing a prefab garage size is one of the most important issues to consider when buying a new garage. While the cost of different types of garages can make it tempting to cut corners with the size of your garage, it’s important to keep in mind that the size of your garage in relation to the number of cars you want to store in your garage will have a major impact on the size. 

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12x20 portable garage

12×20 Portable Garages

Are you in need of a space that will protect your vehicle and keep your valuables safe such as tools, lawn equipment, supplies, etc? If so, then you may want to check out the 12×20 portable garage. A 12×20 Portable Garage is a great solution to keep your car, lawn equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, or garden tools safe from the elements. A portable garage could be the perfect workshop for a mechanic or artist.

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12x20 sheds

Ultimate Guide For 12×20 Sheds

Are you frustrated that your backyard looks messy? Are you overwhelmed with too many things to store and not enough space? Do you have things scattered around the yard making your backyard look like a junkyard? The solution is much simpler than you may think. What you need is a place to store everything. The perfect solution could be a 12×20 shed that will make your backyard look organized and beautiful again. There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a 12×20 shed for your property, we’re here to help you make the right decision. We’ve got answers to 6 of the most commonly asked questions about 12×20 storage sheds. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you figure out if a 12×20 shed is right for you.

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Mini-Guide to Tiny House Cabin Living

It is not by accident that your attention has been grabbed by the intrigue of a tiny house cabin. Never has tiny house cabin living engaged the interest of Americans more than in 2020. You may be one of those who keep a close eye on the stock market. Or you may be one who hungers for freedom to enjoy real-life experiences over accumulating “things” and maxing out your credit cards month after month. It is a gospel truth: tiny house living has broken out of all its stereotypical boxes. Whether you desire a tiny house cabin to live in permanently, as a hunting retreat, or an extra living/workspace, you are about to partner with a unique financial and design opportunity.

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10 New Ideas For Custom Sheds

What is a custom shed? Well, it’s hard to give it a definition. Realistically, it can be anything you wanted it to be. Sheds are no longer just a storage buildings. People nowadays are getting very creative with their sheds turning them into She-Sheds, Offices, Man-Caves, Game Rooms, Fitness Studios, and much more. Read this blog to get more ideas on the different uses of a storage shed.

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cabin sheds garages in va

Prefab Cabin Cost Explained

A prefab cabin can cost anywhere from $2,754 for the basic 8×12 office cabin and up to $11,815 for a 14×36 lofted cabin with a premium porch. Prefab cabin prices can vary depending on the size, style, and features, and options included.

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Why Choose a 10×20 Shed

If you are in the market for a mid to large-size storage building, you should consider purchasing a 10×20 shed. Let’s figure out if a 10×20 shed is a good fit for your backyard. Read this shed blog for helpful information about 10×20 sheds

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Tips For Choosing The Right Storage Shed For You

When choosing a storage shed or garage, one must consider three important factors. The shed size, style, and material type are the most important factors when picking your storage building. Read this educational shed blog for tips on how to choose the right storage shed for you.

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affordable lofted garage

Popular Garage Sizes: Prepare To Order Your Single Car Garages

When preparing to order your single car garage, one of the most important questions you’ll probably ask is, “What size garage do I need?”. After your garage is built and delivered, you won’t be able to change the size, even if you discover that your new garage is too small.

We’ve put together an infographic using 10 popular garage sizes to help you visualize how you could use a one-car garage. Read this blog for helpful information to find your perfect garage size.

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Shed Blog – 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Shed

With so many storage buildings available to choose from on different shed builder’s sites, one might wonder how to decide which building to choose for their property. Don’t we scroll through endless shed websites and get more confused as we try to narrow down our options? This is an all too common dilemma many shed buyers face. With our knowledge and rich experience of being in the shed industry for more than 30 years, we decided to highlight common Shed Buying Mistakes and also put together tips to help you avoid them.

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Shed Blog- Tips To Declutter Your Home For The Season

Is clutter a problem in your home? Maybe piles of items that haven’t been put in their rightful places are an eyesore. Or, perhaps some goods don’t have special places to go and litter countertops and get pushed under furniture. Happily, there are solutions to make your home clutter-free. The following tips describe how to clear clutter and prevent it from accumulating.

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diy storage sheds wood shed

Consider This Before Building A DIY Shed

Although building storage sheds may seem like a simple proposition, there are a few important things you’ll want to keep in mind before commencing construction. Think about the aesthetics of your future shed. How will your ideal storage shed complement the rest of your property? Size, of course, will be a very important consideration. Be honest with yourself about just how much you have to store. Remember that a very cramped storage shed will defeat the purpose, so ponder what size will serve your needs best. Make sure you allocate time to the project, According to people who built their own shed the project took them an average of129 hours. If you don’t have this time to spare, skip to the last tip.

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