Portable Cabins - A Wonderful Creation of the Modern World

June 18, 2021      Shed Blog

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A portable cabin may be the building that you need to bring a complete touch to your vacations. Cabins are tiny houses that are built with minimalistic living space. Cabins are tiny, and their square footage doesn’t go more than 900 sqft.

Travelers, design devotees, and outdoor lovers can admire the versatility of portable cabins because they are affordable, mortgage-free, have a deeper connection with the outdoors, and are perfect for minimalist living. Most people say that portable cabins are a wonderful creation of modern thinking.

Portable cabins can be placed in a location special to you. These portable buildings became popular day by day in the community, especially among the people who are seeking alternative residences. Buildings are designed to move easily and locate in different places. People have received unbelievable benefits from this beautiful creation.

What are Portable Cabins?

Portable cabins have been manufactured with the concept of portable buildings but in a smaller version. The term ‘portable’ can be used to explain a thing that can move easily from one place to another.

A pre-constructed building is cost-effective and versatile. What’s more, a portable cabin can be customized by choosing different styles, finding the perfect sizes, and adding doors, windows, and other exterior material options.

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The very first portable building was manufactured by Donald Shepherd in 1961. There are various applications, including accommodation, traveling, office cabins, security cabins, storehouses, etc. Specialty Portable cabins offer a comfortable alternative to our permanent buildings.

A person living in a portable cabin will not only have bathing facilities, washrooms, a kitchen, and relaxation areas but also can use portable cabins as a formal office.

Portable cabins are remarkably easy to deliver and design. Imagine having a portable cabin that will give you the experience of your life while you are feeling at home wherever you go!

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Uses of Portable Cabins

Since this tiny house has all the facilities to live for a longer period, people often use this as their traveling house. Think about the family time and cookouts that could be spent in this beautiful tiny house! Portable cabins are commonly used as vacation houses, temporary office places, or building sites. Sometimes we can merge more than one portable cabin and form an office complex.

With the high population growth rate, portable cabins provide a meaningful solution, especially for accommodation-related problems. Apart from that, portable cabins are brought into schools to supply relief from the increased population. In-plant offices, portable classrooms in rural areas, changing rooms, storehouses for larger items, and guard shacks are some expanded uses of portable cabins.

Which Materials are Suitable for Portable Cabins?

Thanks to affordable building materials, portable cabins are a more cost-effective method compared to small permanent buildings. Typically designers built the frame of the portable cabins using wood, steel, or concrete.

Not only are these cabins cost-effective, but they are also built with eco-friendly materials. At Timberline Barns, our portable cabins are suitable for all seasons and any weather to protect your belongings from the elements, and it’s eco-friendly. It’s more beneficial, especially for travelers.

Over the Top Service!

“The price was competitive with others but the shed seemed better built. The delivery was on time with a nice person that had the equipment to do the job quickly & properly. That in itself (to me) is worth 5 stars. Then I got a Thank You card with a hand-written note. That is something that nobody else does, and it tells me that this is a company that really cares. This is over a top service 🙂  I would recommend to anybody.” – Scott Hodge

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Benefits of Portable Cabins.

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This amazing alternative creation has been designed especially because of its unlimited benefits. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a portable cabin.

As aforementioned, these portable cabins can be used for different purposes. A portable cabin can become anything you need it to be, from a vacation cabin to a hunting cabin or a security room to an office or shopping complex. All you have to do is change the size, inside materials, outside materials, and layout according to your requirements. 

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Portable Cabins Provide More Space

This benefit is most important when using the portable cabin as an office place. Not only customers but also employees will experience the comfortable construction a portable cabin has to offer. This is a fast and easy method to do your business on a massive level.

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Fast and Easy Construction

At present, money and time are some of the most important assets one can have. Can you believe that building a portable cabin is sixty percent faster than constructing a portable building? Prefab construction will take less time to complete than permanent buildings, and people tend to lean towards faster results.

After constructing the portable cabin partway in a factory or facility, the cabin arrives at the pre-constructed level to your location. Today, working people are running out of time. Therefore, fast installation is a valuable fact when we consider the benefits of portable cabins.

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Portable Cabins are More Convenient and Affordable than Other Options

You need more materials, designers, machines, and workers when you are going to build a permanent building. While you can just invest in the Timberline Barns portable cabins that are built at our facility and delivered to your door.

Another benefit of a prefab cabin is you can resell the portable cabin after completing your purpose. Renting portable cabins may be a great option, especially for travelers. You can enjoy the vacation at a place where you feel like you are home.

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High Quality

In addition to other facilities, portal cabins have electricity, water supply, shelving, and insulation. Portable cabins are designed according to a particular standard that is recommended by professional building inspectors. Therefore, you can be 100% satisfied with the quality of the Timberline Barns portable cabins.


In the true sense of the name, “Portable Cabins” are movable. They are designed in a way that the user can easily move them around the place. Unlike other permanent buildings, you don’t want to keep a foundation when you are placing portable cabins. This means the cabins can be moved easily from rough ground to flat surfaces.

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Making your Portable Cabin

There are lots of companies that provide portable cabin services offering various discounts. But, if you are looking for quality prefab buildings, then consider doing business with Timberline Barns. Timberline Barns is a leading manufacturer and retailer of prefab storage buildings and portable cabins in VA, KY, TN, OH, and GA.

You can check out our prefab buildings, and if you are interested, you can request a quote with a few clicks and fill out the form. Our experienced sales team will get back to you soon as they can to help you bring your dream cabin to your door. Also, you can invest only in the cabin first and then add a kitchen, solar panels, and other facilities according to your requirements.

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Design Your Portable Cabin Now

Want to add a very personal touch to your Portable Cabin? Design your own cabin with our 3D Builder. You are going to love designing your own custom cabin. Now you will be able to customize your cabin by choosing a style, finding the perfect size, and adding doors, windows, and exterior material options, colors, flooring, and interior of your cabin with a few clicks on our 3D Builder.

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