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When it comes time to choosing the siding for your outdoor structure, you want to make sure it lasts for years to come. You want the quality to stand up to the weather and time. You want your new siding to be visually pleasing, yet durable. So let us explain why LP SmartSide is the right choice of siding for you.

About LP® SmartSide®

As mentioned above, LP SmartSide is not your traditional wood but it does start there. LP SmartSide is engineered with Aspen Logs that are conditioned and softened as the first step in the process. Aspen trees can regenerate from their own roots which help LP make sure the resources they use are fully renewable. The bark that is removed is actually used to fuel the plant, so 99% of each log is used in the process. Logs are then shaved down into small strands and dried out. All strands are tested often along the way to ensure every piece of siding that leaves the manufacturing facility exactly as intended.

Next is the SmartGuard Process and that’s where all strands are placed in a drum to allow them to mix with advanced binders, waxes, and zinc borate. These work together in order to create multilayered protection against moisture, fungal decay, and termites.

Once the strands are treated, they are arranged into layers that are purposefully oriented in different directions, which guarantees strength where it’s needed most. Next, a moisture-resistant overlay is added as a final safeguard against moisture and then firmly adhered in the next part of the process, the press. Each sheet is compressed to ensure the resins are fully cured and the texture is firmly embossed. Finally, the edges of each sheet are trimmed, cut to size, and then primed. Now LP SmartSide’s Trim and Siding is ready to be used.

10x24 Utility LP SmartSide Sheds

Why LP® SmartSide®?

LP SmartSide isn’t just protected from the outside, it’s durability tracks back to each strand. The quality of the siding can be guaranteed by the industry-leading 5/50 year limited warranty. The durability of this siding is backed by scientific data and has been tested in a variety of climates and conditions.

LP SmartSide is wood that has been engineered for durability and beauty. And it’s engineered wood you can trust. Combining technology and style to offer you advanced durability for longer lasting beauty. LP SmartSide trim and siding is a product you can rely on. To learn more, visit the LP SmartSide website.

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LP® SmartSide® Sheds

Add beauty to your backyard with a colorful, LP SmartSide Shed from Timberline Barns. LP siding will be offered on all of our storage shed styles. Match your home with the array of LP SmartSide color options and have a storage building that will last a lifetime. Request a Free Quote today to get started!

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LP SmartSide Garages

LP® SmartSide® Garages

The LP SmartSide garage will instantly add value to your home by providing you with protection to your valuable car and storage space for all the extra items from inside your home. Our LP SmartSide garages have pressure treated floors to still offer the ultimate strength and durability. The LP Smartside Garage will be offered in the utility and lofted styles. Give us a call to learn more today!

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Customize your LP® SmartSide® Shed, Garage, or Cabin

We have added the LP SmartSide siding and all the color options to our 3-D builder. You can customize the shed, garage, or cabin to fit your home with all the colors and options then receive an instant quote. Once you have customized your building you can save it by emailing yourself the link for future reference or request a quote for the final price with delivery included.

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