What is a Small Backyard Shed?

January 25, 2022      Shed Blog


After years of searching for the perfect house, you finally found one! It has everything you ever wanted. The house has a finished basement, multiple bathrooms, and a wonderful yard to start the garden that you always wanted! But you realize there is nowhere to store your new garden tools (que panic music). What you may need is a small backyard shed to make these problems disappear.

What is a small backyard shed?

These storage sheds are the most common size storage shed for your backyard. Gone are the days of leaving your valuables outside and hoping no one takes them. New small backyard space will give you the perfect amount of space for the average yard.

What will my storage shed look like?

When you start the process of purchasing a small backyard shed, you want it to look like it belongs on your property. We offer a wide selection of building styles that can all be built to the 8ft by 10ft storage shed specifications. This custom-built storage shed will make your yard look like the shed has been there from the beginning. We can customize your storage shed to any of our many building styles. To learn more about the styles available to you, click here!

How much will a small backyard shed cost me?

In comparison to our larger sheds, the 8 ft by 10 storage shed gives you the ability to have a hand crafted custom built storage solution built to your liking! You can learn more about the cost of a storage shed this size by going through the available options on our free quote form.

What Can I Customize About My Small Backyard Shed?

We understand that you may have looked at options that seem to be more affordable than one of our small backyard sheds. However, a lot of those options may not have the customization features that we are able to offer you. Your small storage shed should be customizable by letting you choose the following options:



When you begin your project with a small backyard shed, you want it to have the appearance of complimenting your property. We give you the ability to choose between the following options:

Treated wood 



LP SmartSide

All of these options give you the ability to make your 8ft by 10ft storage shed the structure that either blend in or stands out in its surroundings!

Interior Options:

We understand that your small backyard shed may not just be a place for your garden tools. You may want there to be some additional features that make your space more accessible for the needs you have. Some of the interior options that we offer are:

Electrical Package: Be wired to go on the day it arrives for you!

Shelves: We can build custom shelves! This gives you a place to store your Christmas lights, children’s outdoor toys, or seasonal items.

Loft and loft ladder: Do you already know you will need some additional storage in your small backyard shed? Add in the option of a loft and have a ladder built to give you the extra space you need. 

Work Bench: Is your small backyard shed going to be the place where you spend hours potting your plants or tinkering with the small engines you have? Our 19-inch deep workbench is ideal for giving you the space to work on the projects you love!

12 inches on center flooring: Are you looking to store some of life’s heaviest things in your small backyard shed? Getting a floor that has 12 inches of center joists will allow you to have the added support and strength you need to store even the heaviest of tools! This construction is ideal for heavy woodworking tools or for storing large plant pots in the off season

Ramp to door: Are you hoping to store your lawn mower or snow blower in your storage shed? A ramp to door option may be just what you are looking for! A quality Shed builder can custom fit you with a ramp for your small backyard shed! A ramp will make it easier for you to get your equipment in and out of the space, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

How much stuff can I fit in my small backyard shed?

The timeless question of how much stuff can I get in here is one that we have been answering for ages. The typical storage shed of this size can fit in a lot more than you would think possible. 

LPs Shed size Calculator state that the small backyard space can fit the following items with ease:

2 fuel cans

2 garden tools

1 generator 

1  propane grill 

1 ladder 

1 lawn, mower 

1 miter saw table and a sawhorse 

1 small drivable vehicle

Maybe for you, that isn’t going to be enough (that’s ok, we have larger options)! This doesn’t include the added space you gain by adding in a lofted area. However, for the average American, do you have much more than those listed items that you would like to store?

Why would I not want to purchase a small backyard shed?

When you start to look at what you have accumulated over the years, you may start to realize that a small backyard shed is not going to be able to suit your needs. Some of the classic cases of why a small backyard shed would not be ideal for you are:

Storing multiple Ride on Vehicles

Sorting large sports equipment such as a basketball net 

Storing multiple pieces of  large gardening equipment

Additionally, if you know the item is going to be larger than 80 square feet, this item will not be suitable for what you need. However, a quality shed builder should be able to build you a custom-built storage shed to the needs that you have!

What else can I use my small backyard shed for?

Some people have bought these styles of sheds and used them to make the perfect she shed man cave, or even home office (the average cubicle is 6ft by 6 ft). Our small backyard sheds give you the ability to have the perfect space for whatever you are wanting to add to your property!

How long will it take for my small backyard shed to be built?

When you are looking for your storage solution, you want to be able to plan when your building will be delivered. If you are constructing a custom small backyard shed, you can expect that it will take 6-8 weeks to be completed. It is possible that your building will be constructed even sooner! So make sure to talk with your builder about how long they believe it will take to complete your project.

Now that you know a little bit about custom-built small backyard sheds, you may be wondering how to have one built for your needs. Head on over to our free 3D shed building tool to get started. Once you have selected your custom design, we will give you a quote, and can get started building the small backyard shed of your dreams!

Here at Timberline Barns, we look forward to serving you and building the shed of your dreams!

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