The 6 Benefits of Backyard Sheds You Must Know Before Purchasing

October 3, 2022      Uncategorized

Every homeowner comes to a point where they look around, suffocated by the endless amount of things they’ve hoarded over the years. You are not the only one going through something like this. Most homeowners put off the need to invest in additional storage space like a backyard shed. But what makes these outdoor storage spaces so vital? Why are more and more homeowners choosing to invest in these backyard sheds?

Well, there are 3 main reasons why people end up with so much clutter in their homes. 

Time – As we get older and older, we tend to accumulate a bunch of odd items that come with age, responsibilities, and even the addition of family members. And with life moving so fast, we tend to ignore the storage problem

Hobbies and Dreams –  We all have dreams and hobbies that have been in the works for a long time. Maybe your hobbies included painting, woodworking or maybe even starting a band. These hobbies and dreams get put on the back burner with the burdening responsibilities that life comes with. Consequently, paint brushes, tools, and instruments that we bought for these hobbies also get stored away. 

Collections – Some may call it hoarding, but they wouldn’t understand the sentimental value behind some of your most prized possessions. We collect a lot of important stuff throughout our life. A family heirloom, a gift your first love gave you, or a memory from your childhood. Regardless, these things end up stacking and cluttering your home. 

So what is the solution? A backyard storage space. 

The Answer To Your Storage Needs

For whatever reason you’re now considering investing in extra storage space, here are the pros and benefits of having a backyard storage shed. We want you to feel empowered and feel better about making an investment that is necessary for organization. 


1. Aesthetically Pleasing

First and foremost, your backyard shed will look elegant and pleasing. We allow you to control all aspects of customization which means that you can design your shed to look however you want. Do you want to create a shed that complements your home? You got it. Do you want a crazy and outlandish shed that doesn’t match your home? You got it. There are no design limitations. No matter the design, you can be sure that you will have a gorgeous and masterfully built backyard shed that your friends, family, and neighbors will be jealous of. 

Metal A-Frame Utility Shed in VA

2. Extra Protection

Backyard storage sheds are perfect for keeping tools, and equipment safe. You won’t need to worry about rust or unintentional damage anymore. Having a designated place in your backyard that can keep a garden, woodworking, mechanical equipment, and tools is a great benefit for any homeowner. Aside from rust and unwanted damage, backyard sheds also protect any of your items from the elements.


3. Increases The Value Of Your Property

With the housing market so crazy nowadays, a backyard shed is one of the surefire ways that you can increase your property value. It’s the same story every few years. The housing market either does really well, or tanks, and homeowners are left with a level of uncertainty that is uncomfortable. A backyard shed is a great way to offset that uncertainty. Providing the next buyer of your home with extra storage space or even an empty shell of something that they can convert into a hobby room is a great benefit to you. Not only can you negotiate for a higher price, but you can also do it without breaking the bank! 

4. Extending Your Space

Not every homeowner has the luxury of additional space in the form of a basement or attic. You might see yourself ending up with too many things and not enough space in your own home. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of money on contractors and tearing up your house for more rooms, there is a more budget-friendly option. Backyard sheds! The price of a backyard shed is a lot more friendly than getting contractors involved. Not only that but actually converting it into a room with utilities like water, electricity, and plumbing is cheaper than a renovation project. 


5. Workshop or Hobby Room

Although backyard storage shed’s main use is simple storage, trends recently have shown that homeowners are actually becoming more and more interested in converting their shed into a workshop or a hobby room. The great part about this is that there are no restrictions. No matter what your interests are, or what your hobby is, a backyard shed can be converted into whatever you need. Are you an amateur painter that is looking for more space for tools, canvases, and paints? You have the room you need. Are you a ceramist that loves to work on pottery? Well, you get the room you need with backyard sheds. 


6. Budget Friendly 


Last but not least the biggest benefit for every homeowner is the friendly price of backyard sheds. Let’s be honest, money is a luxury, and spending money on things you aren’t guaranteed a return on is scary. With backyard sheds, you get extra storage space just a few steps away from your home and for a good price. Backyard sheds are also a more reliable purchase in terms of a good return on investment. You get to control all aspects of your shed which means that the return is in your hands. Converting your shed into a room that you will use every day will make sure that you get a return on your investment. 

Backyard Sheds For Sale

Timberline Barns has been in the storage solution industry for over a decade. We’ve catered to lots of different customers and have met their every need. We want to help you solve your storage problems and present you with answers to your questions. To visualize your dream shed and customize every aspect, check out our 3D Shed Builder! Or if you’re ready to make the decision and want to contact us and get an estimate, click here for a free quote. We can’t wait to serve you!

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