Gazebo Lighting Ideas: Five Innovative Ways to Brighten your Backyard Gazebo

April 6, 2023      Shed Blog

In the summertime, the beautiful gazebo in your backyard may be the ideal hangout spot for you and your family. Unfortunately, when it gets dark outside, the gazebo may not be as comfortable a place anymore to finish your late-night conversations. Deciding on the proper lighting for your gazebo can sometimes be a hard decision. Let’s discover some ways to brighten your favorite backyard gazebo and “enlighten” you with some of the best gazebo lighting ideas.

Gazebo Lighting Ideas: String Lights


One popular way to light an outdoor structure like a gazebo is to hang string lights from the rafters or the perimeter of the roof. String lights add a cozy atmosphere and look beautiful in the dark.

Pros of Using String Lights


Cons of Using String Lights

Steps to Install String Lights in your Gazebo

  1. Measure the length and width of your gazebo to determine how many string lights you will need.
  2. Buy some durable string lights that are suitable for the outdoors and can withstand different weather conditions. ( Consider using LED string lights)
  3. Determine where you want to hang your lights (around the perimeter, along the beams, etc.)
  4. Secure the lights with nails, hooks, or some kind of attachment, and check to make sure they are secure.
  5. Test the lights to ensure they are all working well.

Gazebo Lighting Ideas: Spotlights


gazebo lighting ideas spotlight

Another one of the best gazebo lighting ideas is spotlights. If your gazebo is the pride and joy of your backyard, consider making it a focal point by setting up spotlights to shine on your gazebo. Spotlights may create some great lighting for your gazebo, but be sure to determine exactly where you want them first!

Pros of Using Spotlights


Cons of Using Spotlights

Steps to Install Spotlights (May Require Electrical Help)

  1. Determine the exact location for your spotlights.
  2. Gather all necessary tools, drills, screws, wiring, and fixtures.
  3. Install the wiring: If your gazebo does not have wiring, you will need to run wiring from your home’s electrical panel to the gazebo. ( It might be a good idea to hire an electrician to do the electrical work)
  4. Use the manual’s instructions if you need to, and mount the spotlight fixtures.
  5. Connect the wiring from the fixtures to the wiring in your gazebo.
  6. Test the spotlights and ensure they are working properly.
  7. Secure the wiring and remove all hazardous materials.

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Gazebo Lighting Ideas: Candles


gazebo lighting ideas candles

One of the more primitive gazebo lighting ideas is the use of candles. Whether you decide to use battery-operated candles or real candles with wicks, they will add a cozy and romantic atmosphere to your gazebo. There are many kinds of beautiful candles available, and if you are not comfortable with using real candles ( as they can be a fire hazard), there are other types of candles, like LED candles, that will add the same ambiance. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros of Using Candles


Cons of Using Candles

Steps to Light your Gazebo with Candles

  1. Find some candles that you like. (check out your options well)
  2. Find a safe and effective place to put them in your gazebo.
  3. Maintain them well, trim the wick, change the batteries, etc.


Gazebo Lighting Ideas: Lanterns


gazebo lighting ideas lantern01

If you are looking for more gazebo lighting ideas with a warm, cozy vibe, lanterns are another lighting option. Like candles, there are many, many different kinds of lanterns available. From globe lanterns to antique lanterns, there are many different styles you may choose from. Unlike a lot of candles, lanterns can generally be hung somewhere in your gazebo, from hooks in the corners, for example. Do a bit of research to find just the right fit of the lantern for your gazebo.

Pros of Using Lanterns


Cons of Using Lanterns


Steps to Light your Gazebo with Lanterns

  1. Find the lanterns best for your gazebo.
  2. Install hooks or find somewhere durable to hang them.
  3. Regularly check their oil levels, candles, batteries, etc.



Gazebo Lighting Ideas: Solar-Powered Lights


Probably one of the most eco-friendly gazebo lighting ideas is to use solar lights. Solar lights come in many forms, string lights, lanterns, solar lamps etc. Because of that, the style of light you choose is virtually endless. Solar lights are powered by the sun, meaning they come with a unique list of pros and cons.

Pros of using Solar Lights


Cons of Using Solar Lights


Steps to Light your Gazebo with Solar Lights

  1. Determine the kind of lighting you need and find the right solar lights for those needs.
  2. Follow the manual’s directions to install your lights.
  3. Charge your lights in a sunny area, and test them to see if they work properly.
  4. Once your lights are charged and installed, adjust them to the position you want.
  5. Maintain your lights and solar panels, keeping them free from dirt and other things that can keep them from charging properly.

Gazebo Lighting Ideas: Chandeliers


gazebo lighting ideas lights outside

One of the most beautiful gazebo lighting ideas is using a chandelier. Chandeliers are lovely ornamental lights that add a classy touch to any space. There are many types of chandeliers for your gazebo, like minimalistic modern chandeliers, antler chandeliers, and rustic chandeliers. Whatever kind of vibe you are going for in your gazebo, there is a chandelier style to fit it.

Pros of Using Chandeliers

Cons of Using Chandeliers


Steps to Light your Gazebo with Chandeliers

  1. Decide on the right chandelier/s for your gazebo.
  2. Find a spot in your gazebo to hang your chandelier somewhere close to an outlet or wiring.
  3. Measure the space to ensure your chandelier will fit properly.
  4. Install the chandelier according to the manual’s instructions. (mounting the chandelier and wiring it)
  5. Test the chandelier by turning on the power to ensure its working properly.


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The list of gazebo lighting ideas may be virtually endless in reality, but the truth is, the lighting in your gazebo is only as beautiful as the gazebo itself. Timberline Barns offers a large variety of wooden and vinyl gazebos for your outdoor area. We offer many different design options for your gazebo like the following:

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Steps to Designing your Gazebo with Timberline Barns

  1. Choose the size and shape of your gazebo
  2. Choose the style of your gazebo
  3. Choose the color of your gazebo
  4. Choose the railing for your gazebo
  5. Choose the roof style of your gazebo
  6. Choose the roof material of your gazebo


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