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July 30, 2021      Shed Blog


It is increasingly common for people to invest in some type of outdoor storage building, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Storage shed and storage barn sales increased drastically in 2020 because as people started spending more time at home, they realized that they needed new methods for organization and that storage sheds were an excellent solution to that problem.

What Is A Lofted Barn Shed?

A lofted barn shed is a storage building that comes with a built-in loft storage space. Lofted barn sheds are built with higher roofs to allow for loft storage space. Lofted barn sheds can come with one or two lofts based on the customer needs and design of the lofted barn.


What’s The Purpose Of A Lofted Barn Shed?

The purpose of a lofted barn shed is to get more storage space out of your storage shed through the use of a loft. A lofted barn shed is no different from other storage barn sheds except that it has been built with a higher roof to allow loft storage space. The loft in a lofted barn shed is simply a platform that is added to part of the storage barn, creating a large shelf-like space that provides extra storage.


How Lofted Barn Sheds Store More

Any storage-type shed will definitely help you out with your storage needs, but choosing a lofted barn shed has multiple benefits that regular storage sheds do not. The obvious point is the addition of a loft and higher ceiling which creates extra storage space, but they also often come with larger doors which means you can fit larger objects into the storage barn. Combine larger doors and higher ceilings and all of a sudden you have much more storage space than you would with a normal storage barn.

How Much Lofted Barn Shed Loft Space Do You Get?

You have a lot of great storage options when you choose a lofted barn shed as your storage outbuilding. If you choose a Timberline Barns lofted barn shed, you will get 2 lofts installed standard with your shed, one loft on either end of your shed. That’s twice as much loft space as the average lofted barn shed on the market.

It’s good to know though that the loft storage space is affected by the slope of the roof. At the center of your loft storage platform, you may have up to 4ft of storage space clearance between the deck of your loft shelf and the peak of the barn roof. But as the roof slopes towards the side walls, that clearance space will decrease. For instance, you may have only 2ft of storage clearance on the sides of your loft storage platform. Overall, choosing a lofted barn shed will still dramatically increase the storage space in your shed building.


What Fits In A Lofted Barn Shed Loft?

Knowing how much you can actually store in your loft storage space is important, so let’s talk about the realistic potential of your lofted barn shed loft storage space. You can use your loft space to store seasonal items like lawn decorations when you are not using them. You can use that loft storage space to store plastic totes of varying sizes to keep your things safe. To give you an idea of how much space you would have with a 10ft wide shed: You could easily fit four, 50 gallon totes on your lofted barn shed loft platform, with at least 2ft more of storage space on top of the totes for smaller totes or other items. You pick up a lot more extra storage space than you might think with a lofted storage barn. If you have space in your yard, choosing a lofted storage barn over a regular storage barn is absolutely worth it.


Timberline Lofted Barn Shed Construction 

Timberline Barns works hard to build the best storage sheds on the market for our clients. This dedication to quality shows in the choices of material we use and the way we construct our barns. We use these methods to ensure that our storage sheds are top quality and last many years for our customers.

Timberline Barns T-111 Lofted Barn Shed Siding

As with all of our storage barns, the lofted barn shed is built out of pressure-treated T-111 siding. This pressure-treated siding ensures that our storage barns won’t be damaged by exposure to the wind and rain and will last a long time. All of our lofted barn sheds come standard coated with a honey stain on top of the T-111, which further ensures its protection over time. All of the lofted barn shed exterior trim is also made out of pressure-treated T-111 lumber, you never have to worry about the exterior of your storage barn failing.


Timberline Lofted Barn Shed Double Door Design

Another great feature of our lofted barn sheds is the double barn door design. These storage barn-style sheds come standard with 60” double barn doors, allowing you a larger opening to store larger pieces of equipment or recreational vehicles. The double barn doors are reinforced on the inside with turnbuckles that keep them from sagging over time. You will love the way the standard double doors make it so much easier to move your things in and out than with a single-door shed design. And if you have a workbench in your lofted barn shed, you can leave them open for extra lighting while working.


Lofted Barn Shed 2 Window Design

Timberline’s lofted barn sheds come standard with a 2 window design. This means you get double the natural lighting in your storage shed even when the doors are closed. Adding windows to a storage shed or storage barn is usually an added cost and especially if you choose to add 2, but not with Timberline. We know how important it is for you to get the most out of your storage outbuilding, so we set up our lofted barn shed’s standard package to include 2 windows for you.


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Designing Your Custom Lofted Barn Shed

A lofted barn shed may not be right for everyone, but if you have space and are ready to make a great investment to solve your storage needs, then choosing a Timberline Barns lofted barn shed is the right move for you. Easily use our 3D Shed Builder to design your own lofted barn shed today. You will be able to customize all sorts of things about your lofted barn shed, from colors to the actual construction materials. Getting the perfect storage barn shed to fit your specific needs is simple and fun.

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