35 Man Cave Shed Must Haves

July 20, 2023      Shed Blog

We all know that men need their own space. However, have you considered that they might just need their own place? Hear us out. We don’t mean that they are moving out. They are just moving all of their hobby items to the backyard. In this blog, we want to help you figure out how to make the best man cave shed for yourself or as a surprise for your husband.

Can A Shed Be A Man Cave?

Yes. A shed is a great place for a man cave. Often times people think of a man cave as benign in the basement of the house because it feels like a literal cave. However, we like to think of the man cave shed as being more of a hangout or hobby space. 

Something to keep in mind is that you may need to check your municipal laws for your shed approval. Many times a zoning board will be able to provide you with the documentation as to what is required in your area. However, sometimes the HOA can be a bit picky about what is acceptable.

What Size Shed Is Best For Your Man Cave?

We think the best-size man cave shed should be at least 10×16. However, it all depends on how large or small of a commitment you want to make. You could make your man cave shed 8×8 if you are simply looking to have a small work area. However, you could do the whole way up to 14×40 and make it feel like you have a whole sports bar in your backyard. 

How Much Does It Cost Turn Convert A Shed Into A Man Cave Shed?

A reasonable price to finish out a man cave shed is about $80-$120 per square foot. There is such a great variance in cost because it will be dependent upon your desired look and the needs you have. However, keep in mind that you can always start out basic and add things over time.

There is no one out there who said HGTV is coming to look at this, so work at your own pace and do what you can reasonably afford. When you work at your own pace, you may be surprised how much more affordable it is to create your man cave shed.

Do You Need Building Permits For A Man Cave Shed?

You might. It is hard to say what building permits you may or may not need. Many times your required permits are dependent on the size of the building. 

It is always best to check with your local municipality to see what kind of permits may be required. However, in some cases, you may find that no permit is required at all.

How Do You Make A Man Cave In A Shed?

To make a man cave shed, you need to ask the man who the shed is for what the purpose of the space is. Some men will simply just want the shed and some shelves to store their tools. On the other hand, some men may want it to feel like they are simply going from their primary home to a vacation home in the yard. In this way, you can truly custom-tailor the design of the shed to their needs and wants.

What Are the Best Things For A Man Cave Shed?

As we mentioned earlier, trying to figure out what things you need in your man cave shed is truly dependent on the person who will be using it. However, we have found a common thread of what many of these spaces need to have the experience then men in your life have always wanted. In fact, we have what we think are the 35 top items for your man cave shed. 

1.) Theme

Your man cave shed needs a theme. Each man we have talked to in preparing this blog has one thing in common; they have one hobby that they really love the most. A man cave shed is a place where you are able to bring your passions into the 4 walls surrounding you.

Love music? Great, create a recording studio in your man shed; now you finally have the excuse to get that customer guitar.

Are you a hardcore gamer? Awesome. Find some of the coolest vintage equipment and create the most unique gaming setup imaginable. Who knows, maybe your kids will give you the SEGA back.

Are you a motorhead? Find some old gas station signs and give yourself an excuse to get the Redline tool chest you have always wanted.

Are you really into the outdoors? Why not take the time to get your mounts made? This will provide you with beautiful artwork and stories to tell for years.

At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is having the right decor and theme for the overall space.

2.) Electricity

Electricity in your man cave is really a must-have. Now every person will need a different amount of electricity. However, we think that having a basic electrical package is a great way to get you moving in the right direction.

However, you may find that you prefer to have a solar setup or just need a small battery-powered generator. No matter what you choose, electricity can really take your setup from just ok to something really fun and comfortable to use. 

3.) Finishing

Depending on how you plan to use your man cave shed, you will need to have it finished out. For some people, this will mean something basic like painting the interior of the shed. However, we have seen that most people prefer to have it finished out with sheet rock or wood panels. This typically makes the space feel much more like a room or addition to your home than a shed.

4.) Furniture

Once you have decided on a theme for your mancave shed, the next thing is to figure out what kind of furniture you want. Because the man cave is typically a smaller space than a home, it is important to select furniture that is either appropriately sized or multifunctional. The biggest space-saving furniture idea that we have seen is couches that double as some kind of storage.


In most basic man cave shed setups, we have seen that you will need a minimum of the following items of furniture.


1 Couch 

1-2 Comfortable Chairs

2 Coffee or End Tables

Blinds or Curtains

Table Lamps

A Few Shelves 

Table (if you plan to play games or eat) 

With these few items in mind, you are getting pretty close to having the man cave shed you have always wanted. 

5.)  Television

Having a television in your man cave shed is a great way to make your hobby shed enjoyable. In most cases, we have seen that there are two options for TVs in a man cave shed. 


A traditional TV is a great way to have a no-mess, no-fuss approach to setting up your man cave. However, because TVs are so rigid, it may be difficult to find the right size screen to fit your space. Often times we hear that sports fans and avid movie watchers wish they could have gotten a larger screen into their space. 

Projectors used to be associated with people who owned a McMansion and made oodles of money. However, highly rated quality projectors can be far less expensive than a TV and offer you a much larger viewing area. Additionally, projectors will require far less space for the unit itself and can oftentimes be mounted on the ceiling leaving you with more room for floor space and wall space. 

6.) Snacks

Snacks are just as important to relax as being comfortable. In fact, we are pretty sure that is why it is called comfort food. So no matter if you have a sweet tooth or are a salty snack person, we always recommend having a few different kinds of snacks on hand.

 If you like trying different kinds of snacks, we recommend checking out a service like Snack Crate. This company will import snacks from all around the world. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite snack!

7.) Refrigerator

When you choose a refrigerator, there are two options to consider. One Is a small fridge like you would have had in college, nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. The other option is to choose a small refrigerator with a freezer so that you have the option to have ice or frozen treats. 

On the other hand, all you may need is a cooler. Coolers are a great option if you don’t plan to entertain very often. If having a small cooler seems a bit more your speed, we highly recommend a small Igloo Cooler that can hold a few drinks.

8.)  Ice Machine

If you choose not to have a fridge in your man cave shed, an ice machine is a great option. This will allow you to have a way to keep your drinks cold and refreshing without needing to have a large appliance like a refrigerator in your man cave. However, ice machines may not be that much cheaper than a refrigerator. We think this makes it a bit more difficult to choose to have only an ice machine versus having a small countertop fridge.

9.) Drinks

When you visit your friend at their house oftentimes the first thing they do is offer you something to drink. Your man cave shed should be no different. Whether you enjoy some nice adult beverages or a classic cola, it’s great to have something on hand for everyone.

10.) Bottle Opener

When we say you need a bottle opener for your man cave shed, it doesn’t have to be synonymous with beer. Many beverages that you keep in a special stash might need to be opened with a bottle opener. So whether you want to have a classic bottle opener or one mounted on the wall, we will leave that up to you.

11.) Drink Dispenser

If you choose to have larger bottles of beverages in your man cave shed, you should have a drink dispenser. Some dispensers are sophisticated, while others attach directly to the bottle. No matter what you choose, we are sure it will be the right fit for your needs. 

On the other hand, if you want a cooler and drink dispenser all in one, check out the Bevanda Sperse. With a Stainless Steel interior and tap-like spigot, you can create high-quality signature drinks for everyone to enjoy or use as a large cooler!

12.)  Drink Wear

Drinkware is some of the most fun that you can have with creating your man cave shed. Whether you love a sports team or are a bit of a sci-fi nerd, you can decide how you decide to decorate. If you really want to have fun with it, check out Etsy and get some custom-made glassware.

13.) Coasters

Coasters can offer you sophistication even if your glassware is a bit juvenile. We know that coasters sound boring to have in your man cave shed, but we want to keep your furniture safe. It kind of feels like going to that one aunt’s house who had plastic on the sofa, but hear us out a moment. However, it’s your man cave, so if you want your coasters to match your specialty glasses, we won’t stop you.

14.) Tableware

Having some plates and bowls is a must-have if you plan to entertain in your man cave. There are two schools of thought on how to offer your guests plates and utensils. First is to go the traditional route and have true tableware and take the dishes back inside with you to wash them up. However, if you want to have a simple clean-up, we recommend that you stick to disposable cutlery and plates.

15.)  Board Games


Playing Dixit is like stepping into a world where imagination takes center stage. Similar to games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, Dixit involves players taking turns as the storyteller, providing clues for others to guess their cards. However, instead of words or phrases, Dixit uses beautifully illustrated cards to spark creativity and interpretation. It’s a mix of charades and a visual guessing game where players strive to strike the perfect balance between clarity and obscurity. The goal is not just to guess correctly but to engage others in a journey of storytelling and artistic expression. It’s a game that encourages players to think outside the box and appreciate the power of imagery and imagination.



Tenzi is a fast-paced dice game where players race to roll all ten of their dice to match the same number. Similar to games like Yahtzee or Farkle, it offers a simple yet thrilling experience. Unlike strategy-based games, Tenzi is all about speed and luck, making it accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages.


Rummikub is a tile-based game where players aim to be the first to play all their tiles by creating runs or sets. Similar to games like Rummy or Mahjong, players strategically rearrange and manipulate tiles on the table. It combines elements of strategy, memory, and pattern recognition for an engaging and competitive gameplay experience.


Blokus is a strategy game where players take turns placing their Tetris-like pieces on a square grid, aiming to cover as much territory as possible while blocking opponents. Like a mix of Tetris and chess, it offers strategic placement and spatial awareness challenges, suitable for players of all ages.

Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito is an exhilarating card game that adds a hilarious twist by incorporating dodgeball-style burrito battles. Players collect matching cards, but if a “burrito” card is played, a rapid, burrito-throwing frenzy ensues! It combines card matching with physical activity, creating a fun and active party experience.

16.)  Video Games

Video games are a great way to make your man cave shed a truly unique experience. Yes, we know that many people enjoy playing Fortnite, or  Call of Duty, and other classics on their Xbox or Play Station. But have you ever thought about creating a truly unique experience? Why not make it into a full-blown arcade in your backyard?

17.)  Grill/Smoker/Griddle

The greate debate of owning a grill, griddle, or smoker can be yours to contest by having all three at your man cave shed. Now they probably shouldn’t go inside (although if you know how to do the proper ventilation, prove us wrong and send us a video on how you did it). Nonetheless, having a grill, griddle, or smoker is a great way for you to be able to cook up some great food for your buddies at your man cave shed. Just be careful not to let the misses know you enjoy cooking, or you may have found yourself a new job 😉.

19.)  Audio Equipment

Being able to hear the movie, sports game, or video game clearly is vital to enjoying your entertainment. Some people find that all they want is a small soundbar to enhance their viewing experience slightly. On the other hand, we think it is really cool when people are able to set up a state-of-the-art listening system in the man cave shed.

20.)  Kitchenette

The kitchenette in your man cave shed does not need to be some complex system with a full stove range and an oven (although it could be if you really like to cook). However, we think that having a small kitchenette system is really handy for making some quick snacks in your man cave shed. For a small kitchenette, we highly recommend that you choose a microwave and a toaster oven as this will cover the vast majority of snacks that you people consume.

21.) Work Space

We know that the idea of a workspace seems to have a connotation of not being able to relax, but we think that depends on what you want to do in your man cave shed. If you are passionate about building PCs or doing guitar repair, you need a small workbench to be able to do the work required. Additionally, your workspace can double as a bar top, making it feel less like a work area and more like a multipurpose space. 

22.)  Tools

Whether you are a motorhead, pull out a transmission, or just need a hammer to hang a picture frame or poster. Having tools in your man cave shed can make using your space a very fun experience. In fact, if you get the right kind of power tools, you may even be able to use them to charge up your electronics or power a small fan.

23.) Shelving 

Your high school trophies can finally come out of storage and be put on display in your man cave. To do this, we recommend finding some nice shelving to display all the hard work you put in to receive your awards. Finally, now you can show the state-winning football that you took into the endzone.

24.) Storage

In addition to the shelving, we do recommend that you have some sort of storage. This can be as simple as a storage tote or building in a whole storage system. Whichever you choose,  its nice to have some storage space for odds and ends or hang up your hunting gear.

25.)  Custom Signage

We think having some custom signage on a shed is a great way to give your space its own unique flair. We like to think of it like naming your boat. So why not consider naming the man cave shed something totally unique or after someone who was near and dear to your heart?

26.)  Wifi Range Extender

If you don’t plan on having a dedicated wifi system in your man cave shed, you ought to consider having a WIFI extender in your shed. Essentially this system will boost the wifi signal from your house and make your internet speed identical to your in-home wifi. This is a great way to make the gamer shed or sports shed more reliable when it comes to streaming. 

27.) Humidor and Cigar Supplies

Cigars are a way many men have come to enjoy spending time with one another. If you partake, set your man cave shed apart by having a custom-made humidor. Or if that isn’t the way you want to go, invest in some unique ashtrays.

28.) Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are a great way to get the smell out of your man cave shed. No matter if it is smoke during poker night or getting the fumes of paint out, an exhaust fan is a must-have. We recommend that you find a strong yet quiet exhaust fan.

29.) Candles 

We know that candles may sound a little girly. However, having some candles in your mancave shed lets you ensure that it smells clean and fresh. And if you prefer to have a more masculine scent in your man cave, check out the company Manly Indulgence. These guys have a wide selection to choose from!

30.)  Exterior Solar Lighting

Being able to get to and from the man cave shed is important no matter what time of day it is. For this reason, we recommend getting some exterior lighting. The best solution we have found for this is to put some exterior lighting on your man cave shed that is solar run. These are fairly inexpensive and give off quite a bit of light. 

31.) Dog Bed

What is a man cave shed without a man’s best friend? Having a man cave shed doesn’t mean that you can’t have your best four-legged friend in there with you. So why not have a dog bed in there for your little buddy?

32.)  Window Coverings

If you choose to have windows in your man cave shed adding in some blinds or curtains is a great option. These provide you a little bit of privacy and they will also keep your man cave cooler in the summer. However, one tip we have to offer is that if you choose to use your shed for hobbies that produce a strong scent, you may want to avoid paper or fabric blinds as they absorb odors.

33.) Blankets

Whether you need a fleece throw to take the edge off or an electric blanket to really keep you warm, having blankets with improve your man cave shed and lower your electric cost. Let your inner sports fan out with your favorite team on your blanket, or get one with all your favorite superheroes.

34.) Bar

Every man cave shed needs a bar top. Now you don’t have to serve alcohol just because you have a bar top. However, having a bar top gives you the ability to have a nice dining area in your man cave shed.

35.)  Security Camera

Having a simple security camera may be a good investment, even if you live in a good neighborhood. The last thing you want is someone going in and stealing your stuff. You may not need all the bells and whistles of a full-on security system, but a camera that detects motion by the entry is a great way to keep you and your things safe.

What Do You Need In Your Man Cave Shed?

As you can see, finishing out a man cave shed can be a lot of fun. We truly love the ways that you can create a space that is completely unique to you and your taste. At Timberline Barns, we are committed to creating the shed of your dreams so that your man cave can be all that you want it to be. 

If you aren’t quite sure what kind of shed you would like, that is not a problem! Take a look at our Shed page to see what we have to offer. Once you find a shed style that you like, head on over to our 3-D builder and start creating the man cave shed of your dreams! 

We can’t wait to hear from you and see your dreams come to life. 


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