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June 3, 2019      Shed Blog

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Although building a storage sheds may seem like a simple proposition, there are a few important things you’ll want to keep in mind before commencing construction. Think about the aesthetics of your future shed. How will your ideal storage shed complement the rest of your property? Size, of course, will be a very important consideration. Be honest with yourself about just how much you have to store. Remember that a very cramped storage shed will defeat the purpose, so ponder what size will serve your needs best. Make sure you allocate time to the project, According to people who built their own shed the project took them an average of 129 hours. If you don’t have this time to spare, skip to the last tip.

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1. Select Only Premium Materials For Your DIY Storage Sheds

You will want to think long and hard about the materials that will be used for your DIY Storage Sheds. After all, chances are that this storage shed is going to be on your property for as long as you live there—maybe even for the rest of your life! Investing the proper resources into its construction is essential. Some prefer wood sheds, while others admire the look and utility of metal. Chances are that you may be storing some expensive equipment and tools in your storage shed, so making sure that you use premium building materials is key. You are investing in the protection of your stored items, so choose wisely when considering DIY storage sheds.

2. Know Your Storage Shed’s Style

Speaking of investments, you will also want to take into account how the new DIY storage sheds will affect your property value in general. Small additions can sometimes make a big difference when it comes to storage sheds, so it is crucial to evaluate how your storage shed’s appearance will fit into the scheme of your entire property. Whether you’re thinking about metal sheds or wood sheds, you will want to coordinate your new shed’s appearance with that of the other buildings on your land. Also, think about the placement of the shed. Is it located in an area that will be convenient for you to access? Will it be in the way of any other projects you’re working on? As is the case with real estate, a great location is imperative for your storage shed.

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3. Zoning and Other Practical Concerns

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Many are surprised to learn that their area may have regulations in place when it comes to a new storage shed. Although it may seem like a relatively small structure to you, you certainly don’t want to run into zoning issues that will cause you to tear it down, losing all of your hard work in the process. Whether you plan on hiring helpers or not, building a storage shed on your own can be downright difficult. When you’ve never taken on a project like this before—or even if you have—the prospect may quickly become very daunting.

4. Ditch the DIY Storage Sheds Process

Why waste your time and resources? Sometimes in life, it is best to ditch the DIY ideas and work with those who possess the most knowledge and experience about a certain topic. The team at Timberline Barns knows how to work within your parameters to construct the storage shed of your dreams. Whether you’re contemplating the idea of a garden shed or you’re debating whether or not a metal shed is for you, the sensational staff at Timberline is here to guide you through the process. As a locally owned business, this group understands all of the intricacies of storage sheds. Whenever you have a question, they are available to lend a helping hand. The sooner you reach out, the faster you can start to put your storage shed goals into action.

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