Small Storage Sheds Guide: Why You Must Have One

December 16, 2021      Shed Blog


So, you’ve been working on your backyard, and you’re looking for any place to store everything all together? Look no further. Perhaps you require a small storage room to house your essentials. Whatever your reason, if you’re searching for a low-cost storage building that also has a lot of wonderful features. A small storage shed is a perfect choice!

What’s the point of a small storage shed? You should understand why you are acquiring a small size shed before you make your decision. Likely, you’re not seeking a storage solution that is costly or too vast.

The small storage shed is the ideal answer for homeowners who need a place to store their belongings while still maintaining adequate storage in their backyards.

What Exactly is a Small Storage Shed?


The question of building a small storage shed may be resolved by personal preference. However, there are two sorts of small storage sheds that are most commonly used: those with an 8-inch width and those with a 10-inch width.

The small storage sheds with an 8’ width are the smallest available in most companies’ inventory. This small storage shed width has a variety of configurations that will provide you with the precise space you want. The 8’ wide shed is available in several various sizes, ranging from 8×8 to 8×18.

In terms of size, the 10’ small storage shed is the second-smallest storage shed you’ll discover on the market. This shed provides a small more area than the 8’ wide shed and a greater variety of sizes than the 8’ wide shed. The sizes available for the 10’ compact storage sheds range from 10×10 to 10×28 feet in length and width.

How Come A Small Storage Shed Is Better Than A Large One?

Each shed size has its own set of advantages and disadvantages; nevertheless, having a smaller storage shed in your yard is preferable to having a bigger one in your house. The answer is simple: a small storage shed can be readily installed in your backyard area; however, a larger storage shed will have a more difficult time and may even be illegal to build in your yard due to space restrictions.

Pricing will also change between the two options. It goes without saying that the larger shed will cost you more money; thus, if you are seeking a budget shed for your essential needs, a small storage shed is exactly what you need.

How to Choose a Small Storage Shed For Your Needs?

Here are some things to consider:


1. Design of a Storage Shed

If you intend to keep your shed for more than a couple of decades, you should be pleased with its appearance. Here are two of our most popular styles, both of which are available in all of the standard sizes:

  • Lofted Barn – This barn form has the benefit of more overhead storage space, which is ideal for individuals who have a lot of possessions. Furthermore, this well-liked shed is available at a reasonable price.
  • Utility Shed – These structures are the iconic, most popular shed style that so many people like. The fact that these shelters are affordable does not detract from their distinctive appearance.

2. Material For A Storage Shed

The most important component in determining the longevity of your shed is the material you choose. No matter if you’re still using your shed decades from now or whether it’s being thrown away three years later of purchase, the material used to construct your shed may make or break its long-term usefulness.

The following are the most common shed materials available on the market today:

  • LP SmartSide – This design and offer because it is the greatest. Our LP SmartSide sheds require small to no upkeep and are equipped with metal roof as a default feature. An average LP SmartSide storage shed has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years
  • Wood – Wooden sheds are slightly less expensive than SmartSidel sheds, but they require more frequent upkeep. Furthermore, because they are more susceptible to rot than LP SmartSide, they are unable to match the longevity of SmartSide.
  • Metal – Metal sheds from big-box retailers are extremely inexpensive, but they serve as a reminder that you get what you pay for. Metal sheds are not secure, and because they are generally so inexpensive, they rust away within a year or two after being built. There is no rivalry between vinyl shelters and metal sheds.

3. Color of the storage shed

There are a variety of shed colors to pick from, which are simply aesthetic in nature. Some homeowners choose to match the color of their shed to the color of their house siding as closely as possible, while others prefer to go big with a complimentary color that contrasts with the house siding.

Tan, clay, and white are some of the common colors for small storage sheds.

Designs of Small Storage Sheds

Once you’ve determined the appropriate size for your small storage shed, it’s time to choose a design that complements it. The following are some of the most popular small storage shed designs.

  1. Garden Sheds

    If you want to make your small storage shed stand out from the crowd, a Garden Shed is something you should consider.

  2. Low Wall Barn

    Those looking for a Dutch style shed might consider the low wall barn. They are available in multiple different sizes. The Low Wall Barn is an excellent choice since, even though, you may only have a small amount of space within the shed.

  3. Utility Shed

    You should consider the Utility Shed if you want to find a solution to your storage space problem while also incorporating a sleek modern design into your house.

    It is possible that choosing the style of your next small storage shed will be a more difficult decision than choosing the size; if you are having difficulty deciding, you can seek advice from a family member or friend; alternatively, you can contact any good storage maker to assist you in finding the mall storage shed that you are looking for.

The size of the storage shed is the most significant consideration; thus, it is included first on the list. Whether you’re storing heavy-duty lawn and winter equipment or boxes upon boxes of items, the size of your new shed will decide how much you can fit inside of it.

The price of a shed, on the other hand, increases in proportion to its size. Therefore, consumers normally choose a small shed yet large enough to fulfill their demands.


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