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10×10 Sheds are one of the most popular sizes for homeowners because of how versatile they are. They are large enough to be converted into workshops or offices and are affordable enough to just use for storage! Get some info on the perfect 10×10 shed in this blog!



Stuff is Crowding Your Space

Stuff; The bane of modern living. Gadgets. “Must have” tools. There’s yard upkeep, gardening, house repair, and other maintenance needs, not to mention the all-important recreational “tools.” One of the main ideas behind a 10×10 shed is to provide a place for some of this stuff.

Now if you have a luxury car, you want to store, or something with more size and substance than your zero-turn mower, you might want to look into a bigger storage shed or even a prefab one car garage. Or, maybe you’re looking to have a sports shed where you can exercise regularly. But just stuff? A 10×10 storage shed rocks.


You live in a busy world. One of these times, you’re afraid you’ll meet yourself coming when you’re going. Being busy is fine (I guess) as long as you don’t forget the important things in life. An integral part of all this is your backyard. What better place to leave the busyness of the world behind? Have a sanctuary right on your home turf.

A nicely landscaped 10×10 shed like the one above adds to the “at home” feel. Dare I say it can even express your character, or at least your preferences? We’ll look at specific styles that may help that expression later in this blog.


Planning ahead for 10×10 Storage Shed 

Don’t make the mistake of deciding on the size of your shed by pure guesswork.

Think about what you have to store in your new backyard storage shed. A 10×10 shed is limited in its storage footprint, but there are ways to make the most of the 140 square feet you have. See the floor plan here to get an idea of what might fit into a 10×10 shed. You can nicely fit a lawnmower or ATV along with bikes and other tools.

Maximize 10×10 Shed Space Up Above

In addition to the wall space, you also have the overhead space in portable buildings to think about. Hative gives a few great ways to maximize ceiling space. 

Add a Loft to your 10×10 Shed

Seriously, there are multiple ways to put that upper space to work, even with a 10×10 shed. This can be a simple DIY loft project where you add a loft at either end or a wraparound loft or you can incorporate it into your original plan.

You may be pleasantly surprised how much storage space is added to your 10×12 shed with a loft. Items not used often can be stored up and out of the way while remaining accessible when you need them.

Please keep in mind that the storage shed roof style you choose will likewise increase the amount of storage available in your loft area.


Now that you know a 10×10 storage shed has the space you need (with all the new organization ideas), you need to choose a shed style. Keep in mind again, that the amount of interior storage space will depend on the shed choice you make.

10×10 Low Barn Shed

For all of your storage needs, the Low Barn Shed is the most cost-effective option. They’re perfect for storing your lawnmower, tools, or motorcycle. Our low barn sheds will protect your tools and equipment from the elements.

Starting Prices for 10×10 Low Barn Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $3,171

LP SmartSide – $3,271

Metal – $3,615

Low Wall Barn

10×10 Utility Sheds

The Utility Sheds are Timberline Barns’ smallest storage sheds, and they come in three different styles: LP SmartSide, metal, and wood. The Utility Shed can be utilized for a variety of storage needs. Whether you require a space to set up a workshop or a place to keep something as large as a U.T.V., these utility buildings are suitable. 

Starting Prices for 10×10 Utility Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $3,651

LP SmartSide – $3,266

Metal – $3,723

Utility Sheds

10×10 Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are ideal for storing all of your lawn care equipment and supplies, but they may also be used for much more. It’s critical to keep your belongings secure and dry, and we’ve designed the perfect shed to help you.

Starting Prices for 10×10 Garden Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $3,371

LP SmartSide – $3,471

Metal – $3,843

Garden Shed

10×10 Lofted Garden Sheds

Lofted Garden sheds are ideal for storing all of your lawn care equipment and supplies, but they may also be used for much more. It’s critical to keep your belongings secure and dry, and we’ve designed the perfect shed to help you.

Starting Prices for 10×10 Lofted Garden Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $3,997

LP SmartSide – $4,097

Metal – $4,557

Lofted Garden Shed

10×10 Lofted Barn Shed

Lofted barn sheds offer not only the usual storage space found in any of our buildings but also the extra benefit of a lofted design that maximizes overhead storage space. The Lofted Barn storage shed door is at the front and does not include windows as default. If necessary, windows can be added.

Starting Prices for 10×10 Lofted Barn Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $3,892

LP SmartSide – $3,992

Metal – $4,437

Lofted Barn

What are the Exterior Options for a 10×10 Shed?

LP SmartSide Sheds

This exterior option will make sure that your shed lasts for many years. While others replace their sheds, you will appreciate the fact that yours is still in good shape and keeping your belongings safe.

Metal Sheds

These sheds are long-lasting and low-maintenance. With strengthened hinges that help prevent forced entrance, the metal siding will provide you with more security.

Wooden Sheds

This option became a very popular choice for homeowners who want to keep their investments like lawnmowers and other things safe. Wooden siding is known for its durability and easy maintenance.

Vinyl Sheds

This siding is made to withstand the elements, including heavy wind and impact from hail. Vinyl siding resists excessive moisture, meaning it won’t rot or corrode over time.


Whether you choose the more economical route by selecting one of our sturdy entry level 10×10 sheds, or go all out with a Lofted Barn Shed, be sure to give us a call or stop by.

Remember, your backyard makes a statement about you.

Preparation for Your 10×10 Shed

Meanwhile, as your portable shed’s exterior details come together, let’s bring your 10×10 portable shed home! Below are the preparation steps.

  1. Choose your 10×10 Portable Shed’s location and mark it.
  2. Prepare the site by removing any debris, brush, or trees blocking the way of the delivery truck.
  3. Prepare a foundation, such as concrete foundation blocks. * If you prefer, these concrete foundation blocks will be available for direct purchase and installation on the day of delivery.
  4. Sit back and watch your 10×10 portable shed strategically and professionally placed in its designated location.

Design Your 10×10 Shed Now!

Want to add a very personal touch to your 10×10 Shed? Design your own prefab building with our 3D Builder. You are going to love designing your own custom shed. Now you will be able to customize your shed by choosing a style, finding the perfect size, adding doors, windows, and exterior material options, colors, flooring, and interior of your storage building with a few clicks on our 3D Builder.

3D Builder

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