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January 27, 2022      Shed Blog


Are you looking for extra storage space for your backyard? And you’ve decided on an 8×12 shed as your possible option. But, before you order your storage building, let’s look at a few things to be sure you won’t wish you ordered a larger one when it arrives.

What Is The Size of an 8×12 Shed?

The truth is that an 8×12 storage shed is just 96 square feet. However, a shed is constructed with 24 frameworks, which will expand on your internal space, reducing your available space even further. On an 8×12 shed, a typical 24 measures 3 ½ inches, so you’ll lose 7 inches of the inside area all around.

To summarize, if you purchase an 8×12 storage shed, you will have around 85 square feet of room inside the structure.


Is 8×12 shed enough for me?

That is a question that only you have the ability to answer.

To begin, think about what you want to keep in the 8×12 sheds. You want to be sure the shed will do the job because it has 96 square feet of inside area (minus the space taken up by the framing).

If you want to store boxes, stack them on top of each other, park the lawnmower inside, and take your wheelbarrow or anything else you want to put into the 812 sheds and place it inside the box you drew with the chalk. Keep in mind that storing larger objects, such as a lawnmower or wheelbarrow, may necessitate the addition of a shed ramp.

What are the Exterior Options for an 8×12 Shed?


LP SmartSide Sheds

This exterior option will make sure that your shed lasts for many years. While others replace their sheds, you will appreciate the fact that yours is still in good shape and keeping your belongings safe.

Metal Sheds

These sheds are long-lasting and low-maintenance. With strengthened hinges that help prevent forced entrance, the metal siding will provide you with more security.

Wooden Sheds

This option became a very popular choice for homeowners who want to keep their investments like lawnmowers and other things safe. Wooden siding is known for its durability and easy maintenance.

Vinyl Sheds

This siding is made to withstand the elements, including heavy wind and impact from hail. Vinyl siding resists excessive moisture, meaning it won’t rot or corrode over time.


Works Perfectly
We got this little 8×12 for tools. It is perfect for what we need. It looks nice in the yard. The man at the lot was very nice. And the man that delivered it was great Would recommend this company to anyone. Thinking about another one for Horse supplies. Thanks for the Great Shed. – Cheryl Armstrong

We Feature Different 8×12 Shed Styles:

Once you’ve decided that an 8×12 shed is a right size for you and the exterior option, it’s time to pick a design that goes with it. Some of the most common small storage shed designs are listed here.


8×12 Low Barn Shed

For all of your storage needs, the Low Barn Shed is the most cost-effective option. They’re perfect for storing your lawnmower, tools, or motorcycle. Our low barn sheds will protect your tools and equipment from the elements.

Starting Prices for 8×12 Low Bard Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $2,479.69

LP SmartSide – $2,603.67

Metal – $2,603.67

Vinyl – $3,099.61

8x12 utility shed

8×12 Utility Sheds

The Utility Sheds are Timberline Barns’ smallest storage sheds, and they come in three different styles: LP SmartSide, metal, and wood. The Utility Shed can be utilized for a variety of storage needs. Whether you require a space to set up a workshop or a place to keep something as large as a U.T.V., these utility buildings are suitable. 

Note: The door is placed at the end of an A-frame structure. It comes without windows by default, but you can add them if you want.

Starting Prices for 8×12 Utility Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $2,659.38

LP SmartSide – $2,792.35

Metal – $2,792.35

Vinyl – $3,324.23


8×12 Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are ideal for storing all of your lawn care equipment and supplies, but they may also be used for much more. It’s critical to keep your belongings secure and dry, and we’ve designed the perfect shed to help you.

Starting Prices for 8×12 Garden Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $3,406.88

LP SmartSide – $3,577.23

Metal – $3,577.23

Vinyl – $4,258.60


8×12 Lofted Barn Shed

Lofted barn sheds offer not only the usual storage space found in any of our buildings but also the extra benefit of a lofted design that maximizes overhead storage space. The Lofted Barn storage shed door is at the front and does not include windows as default. If necessary, windows can be added.

Starting Prices for 8×12 Garden Shed:

Pressure Treated & Stained T1-11 – $4,449.06

LP SmartSide – $4,671.52

Metal – $4,671.52

Vinyl – $5,561.33

Does My 8×12 Shed Need a Foundation?

Yes, any 8×12 shed requires some sort of foundation. Smaller sheds (up to 6×8) usually do not require a foundation. Gravel can be used to support medium-sized sheds. Large sheds will require a solid base, such as a concrete pad. If your shed has a built-in floor, the gravel base should be 2 feet long and 2 feet broader than the shed itself. Water will not accumulate on a gravel foundation since any rains will drain through the stones, preventing rotting wood.


Preparation for Your 8×12 Shed

Meanwhile, as your portable shed’s exterior details come together, let’s bring your 8×12 portable shed home! Below are the preparation steps.

  1. Choose your 8×12 Portable Shed’s location and mark it.
  2. Prepare the site by removing any debris, brush, or trees blocking the way of the delivery truck.
  3. Prepare a foundation, such as concrete foundation blocks. * If you prefer, these concrete foundation blocks will be available for direct purchase and installation on the day of delivery.
  4. Sit back and watch your 8×12 portable shed strategically and professionally placed in its designated location.

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