11 of the Most Simple and Easy Shed Organization Tips

September 2, 2022      Shed Blog

Shed organization tips are very useful for shed owners. Although we purchase or build our sheds to add extra space to our homes, these structures we use as storage solutions can also end up being cluttered. Admit it, when’s the last time you didn’t want to spend time organizing and just chucked your tools in the shed? This is an all too familiar scenario for lots of shed owners. By doing this we end up limiting the storage capabilities of our sheds. So how do we solve this problem? 

Here at Timberline Barns, we’ve done the research and have come up with the most creative, simple, and easy shed organization tips for every homeowner. All of these tips and ideas are relatively simple and can be acted on with just a few household items. No need to break the bank or go searching for exotic parts and pieces! 

Here are 11 Shed Organization Tips that anyone can implement into their own backyard shed!


Shed Organization Tip 1: Floating Shelves

It seems simple but most shed owners don’t make use of the storage available on the walls of their shed. Adding floating shelves can not only add additional storage space, but they can make your shed feel larger by removing any clutter caused by small items on the floor. Some things to store in your floating shelves would be seeds, small tools, cleaning supplies and more! 


Shed Organization Tip 2: Free Standing Shelving

Free-standing metal shelving might be one of the best options for homeowners. Not only are they affordable but they also let you store tools of all sizes. Although free-standing metal shelves do take up floor space, they make up for this by being a lot more versatile in what they can hold. Large tools, soil, plants, etc… You can buy affordable standing metal shelves yourself or you can start a DIY Project and make one yourself! 


Shed Organization Tip 3: Bookshelves

On the surface, bookshelves are bookshelves. You can have them in the house, filled with books. Or you can take the more creative route and repurpose them for storage! What you store on your bookshelf obviously depends on the size of it. But regardless of size, it’s a great storage option because of how simple it is. If you have any bookshelves that aren’t being used to their potential, put them in the shed and see the clutter go away. 

Shed Organization Tip 4: Plastic Tubs

We all have some sort of plastic tub laying around the house that we use for miscellaneous things. But they are also a great, FREE, shed organization tool. You can place them on any type of shelf and store gloves, sprinklers, scissors or trimmers.

Shed Organization Tip 5: Tool Hanger 

Instead of leaning shovels, rakes, and other long-handled items against the wall of your shed, you can clear up floor space by installing tool hangers. Because of how most prefab wooden sheds are built, it’s easy and takes no time to put these tool hangers up!

Shed Organization Tip 6: Jars 

Using any leftover jars in your house to store nails and screws is a great way to stay organized. Not only are you maximizing the storage space in your shed, but you also won’t be stuck looking for screws and nails next time you need them. You can also store these jars in any shelving you have (or plan to have) in your shed! 

Shed Organization Tip 7: Pallets For Garden Tools

Using a pallet for storing long-handled garden tools is a great cost-effective way to keep clutter away in your shed. If you don’t have any pallets lying around your house, no problem! They are very cheap and you can find them at an affordable price online. Pallets are perfect for shovels, rakes, axes, and spades!

Shed Organization Tip 8: Power Tool Rack 

If you use your shed as a workshop, this is probably the most useful shed organization tip that you can take away from this article. A DIY power tool rack does not take too much effort to make. Grab a few 2x4s at your local hardware store, cut them up into the right sizes, and create the perfect rack. Now your power tools are only a hand reach away!


Shed Organization Tip 9: Pegboard Organizer

Pegboards are one of the most versatile tools you can use to stay organized in your shed. They are affordable and can be found in any hardware store near you. By using a pegboard, you can store anything from brooms to shelves to even jars! These are a DIYer’s dream and complement the walls of your shed.

Shed Organization Tip 10: Closet Rack 

You probably have extra racks in your closet that aren’t being used! By repurposing them and installing them in your shed, you have another free way to provide yourself with wall storage. Simply hang it on the wall of your shed, and you can use it to store paint buckets, any small tool, and even power tools. 

Shed Organization Tip 11: Magnetic Tool Holder

This is another useful tip if you use your shed as a workshop. Tools can easily be scattered if you’re working on multiple project and it’s worse if you don’t have a toolbox. So what’s the next best solution? A magnetic tool holder. You can get one of these bad boys for under 10 dollars and they will hold small tools up for you. This is most effective if you attach the magnetic tool holder to a wall. 

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