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February 23, 2021      Shed Blog

12x20 sheds

Are you frustrated that your backyard looks messy? Are you overwhelmed with too many things to store and not enough space? Do you have things scattered around the yard making your backyard look like a junkyard? The solution is much simpler than you may think. What you need is a place to store everything. The perfect solution could be a 12×20 shed that will make your backyard look organized and beautiful again. There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a 12×20 shed for your property, we’re here to help you make the right decision. We’ve got answers to 6 of the most commonly asked questions about 12×20 storage sheds. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you figure out if a 12×20 shed is right for you.

Would Building a 12x20 Shed Save You Money?

Yes, building your own 12×20 shed would save you money. Building your own shed storage space will cost you less money but buying a shed will save you time. It depends on how much you value your time. It will take a lot of time for you to build a shed by yourself. Think about the time it would take you to learn everything you would need to know in order to put a shed together. Then you would have to go get all the building materials, paint, and install your own foundation. The point is building your own shed is a huge project and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since you never had experience building a shed, and you don’t have any knowledge about it. Instead, you can buy a shed that will save you having a construction site in your backyard for however long it would take to build your shed.

12x20 garden sheds

What Can You Fit In a 12×20 Shed?

The storage space inside a 12×20 shed is 240 square feet, this shed size is great for larger items as well as storing small items. It depends on what your storage needs are, for example, you can fit motorcycles, small boats, golf carts, tractors, wheelbarrows, bicycles, snowmobiles, and tools inside the 12×20 shed. Typically, long items don’t fit into a lot of sheds, but they will fit in this one. Such as canoes, kayaks, long ladders, etc.

Very Satisfied!

“I was very impressed with their customer service and the storage building/ garage (12’x20′) exceeded my expectations. They tailored it to exactly what I requested. My favorite part, though, was watching 1 man deliver, move the building of the trailer to the final spot, and set it up. All by himself. My friends and I watched in amazement. And he was a great guy too. I highly recommend Timberline Barns.” – Scott Hodge

We Feature 6 Different 12×20 Shed Styles:

Each of our 12×20 shed styles offers something a little different. We have a 12×20 shed for you. You can find one below that will meet your needs. If you don’t, you can always use our 3D Shed Builder to design your own custom 12×20 shed. Here are a few shed styles that commonly are built-in 12×20 dimensions: Garden Sheds, Lofted Garden, Low Wall Barn, Lofted Barn, Lofted Barn with Windows, and Utility Building.

Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds are usually used to store all of your lawn care equipment and tools. Our 12×20 sheds will keep your possessions safe and dry.

Explore our 12×20 garden sheds below and find the right one for your home.

Garden Sheds
12x20 lofted garden shed

Lofted Garden Sheds

Lofted garden sheds are used for the same purposes by maximizing your storage space by adding a lofted shelf and lofted sheds come with a window to give you access to natural light.

Lofted Garden Sheds
12x20 low barn sheds

Low Wall Barn Sheds

Low wall barn is the most affordable shed for all of your storage needs, and it will do a very good job of keeping your equipment safe and dry.

Low Wall Barn
12x20 lofted barn shed

Lofted Barn Sheds

Lofted Barn will give you standard storage space as other sheds, but it comes with a loft that will give you additional overhead storage.

Lofted Barn Sheds
12x20 lofted barn sheds with windows

Lofted Barn Sheds with Windows

Lofted Barn with windows will provide you with the most natural light with the 2 window design and circulate the air between inside and outside.

Lofted Barn Sheds with Windows
12x20 utility sheds

Utility Sheds

The Utility Shed is ideal for setting up a workshop space inside and keeping your belongings safe and dry. They come in 4 different exterior options; wood, LP SmartSide, metal, and vinyl.

If you are looking to set up a workshop space 12×20 utility shed is a great option!

Utility Sheds

Does My 12x20 Shed Need a Foundation?

Yes, any 12×20 shed needs to have some kind of foundation. Generally, smaller sheds (up to 6×8) do not need a foundation. Medium-size sheds can rest on gravel. Large sheds will need to have a strong foundation like a concrete pad. If your shed has a built-in floor, you want the gravel foundation to be 2ft longer and 2 ft wider than your shed. A gravel foundation will prevent water from accumulating because any rainwater will drain through the stones which prevent rotting wood.

12x20 shed foundation

Can You (Legally) Live In a 12×20 Shed?

If you are thinking about living in a shed, you should try 12×20 shed cabins. Shed Cabins are just like sheds, but they come with a front porch design and windows to give your tiny house more natural light during the day. Cabin sheds are more suitable to live inside than normal 12×20 storage sheds. They come in 3 different styles which are Utility, Standard Lofted, and Deluxe Lofted cabin with bay windows. If you have space in your backyard and zoning codes approve, living in a shed legally should be no problem. Don’t limit the shed to just a garage or tool storage. You can turn it into a tiny house. There are a lot of people today that are enjoying “tiny home” living. Setting up a small cabin shed is a great way to experience tiny home living for yourself.

How Much Does a 12×20 Shed Cost?

Depending on the different options that are included with the shed. For example, adding a lofted space can add to the price but will also give you additional overhead space for storage. You can add extra windows and doors to your shed for more natural lighting or air circulation. You may also want to think about the exterior options that could change your shed’s look.

What are the Exterior Options for a 12×20 Shed?

Some exterior options are the Wooden shed, LP SmartSide shed, metal shed, and Vinyl shed.

Wooden Shed will give you the space you need with a bit of light coming through the window. With this shed, you get two vents and a double door for easy access. 

LP SmartSide shed is a very durable shed that is designed to last you for years. While others replace their shed, you will enjoy your shed being there. 

Metal Shed will provide you better security with reinforced hinges that will help prevent forced entry. The metal sheds are more durable and require less maintenance. 

Vinyl Shed is a very durable shed that will resist any kind of weather. It usually comes with one or two windows for natural ventilation and lighting. This shed will make you want to spend more time in it than in your house.

What is the average price of a 12×20 shed?

The base price for a 12×20 wooden and metal shed is $5,697 and the starting price for a 12×20 vinyl shed is $6,783. There is a 16% upcharge for vinyl siding and for an additional 295$ you can add an electrical package. For more pricing on features and options, make sure to download the shed catalog.

Low Wall Barn: wood/metal-$5,697 vinyl-$6,783

Utility Building: wood/metal-$5,962 vinyl-$7,097

Garden Shed: wood/metal-$6,075 vinyl-$7,232

Lofted Garden Shed: wood/metal-$5,735 vinyl-$6,828

Lofted Barn: wood/metal-$6,980 vinyl-$8,310

Lofted Barn w/ 2 Windows: wood/metal-$7,094 vinyl-$8,445

12x20 lofted barn shed

Design the Perfect 12×20 Shed for You

Want to add a very personal touch to your 12×20 shed? Design your own shed with our 3d shed builder. You are going to love designing your own custom shed. Now you will be able to customize your shed by choosing a style, finding the perfect size, adding doors, windows, and exterior material options, colors, flooring, and interior of your shed with a few clicks on our 3D Shed Builder.

3D Shed Builder

Now that you have learned more about 12×20 sheds, you will be able to decide whether building or buying a shed would be more beneficial for you. You have an idea of what you can or cannot fit inside a 12×20 shed. You know what styles and options are available on the 12×20 sheds and what you could possibly fit inside them. You learned about the 6 different styles that we offer to our customers, and most importantly now you know that you could live in a 12×20 shed if zoning codes approve.

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