Lofted Barn Shed

Our Lofted Barn Sheds have taken things to the next level (literally). These sheds not only provide you with the standard storage space that comes with any of our sheds, but we’ve added a loft feature that maximizes the storage capabilities for these sheds. Make the most of your shed space by getting one of our lofted barns today.

The Lofted Barn is one of the most traditional shed designs. These beautiful sheds give you the most overhead space without sacrificing any more square footage in your backyard. We offer these Lofted Barn Sheds in wooden, metal form. Each of these material options comes with a new look and feel.

The Wooden Lofted Barn Shed includes standard features like pressure-treated wood siding for extra security and protection. The metal lofted shed barn comes with a variety of color options, over 20! And the lofted barn shed is a great option that won’t break the bank. You can finally have a clutter-free backyard with an abundance of extra storage space provided by these sheds and the standard feature loft they come with. Get a quote or start customizing today!

Is your garage full of storage equipment and vehicles or is your current storage shed just too small? How about upgrading to a Metal Lofted Barn? You’ll have plenty of headroom to store things above and keep the mess away from your feet.

If you are interested in buying a Metal Lofted Shed in GA, VA, KY, OH, or TN, simply request a free quote or download the 2021 price list today! The metal lofted barn can be ordered in over 20 different colors to make sure it compliments your home or property. It can be purchased outright with full payment or our rent-to-own option.

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