Custom Sheds

Custom sheds are becoming a lot more popular nowadays because they are a cost-effective way to get creative with your storage unit. We’ve seen custom sheds turned into a kitchen, a greenhouse, video game room and more. Timberline can provide you with custom sheds for all of your needs. Let us help you build the base and let you get creative with the interior. Use our 3-D Builder and get creative with your custom shed and let us turn it into reality.

Suggested Uses for Custom Sheds

Custom shed used as a kitchen


Turn your shed into a kitchen and avoid the hassle of running in and out of the house when having barbecues and get-togethers. Custom sheds are great for kitchens because you can build them to fit your unique needs.

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Custom shed used as a music studio

Music Studio

Create space in your custom shed for a music studio. Keep the noise out of the house and jam out in your own private music studio. Custom sheds come in many different sizes, so whether you want to practice by yourself or have a session with your friends or band, Timberline can help you accompany those needs.

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Custom shed used for video games

Video Game Studio

Build your custom sheds into a video game studio for your kids with different game consoles and a big flat screen tv. We understand how crazy it can get in the house when children have their friends over, so create a safe space for them to hang out right in your backyard.

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Custom shed used as a pool house

Pool House

Don’t want wet kids running in and out of the house after swimming in the pool? Timberline has custom sheds that can be turned into a Pool House for your kids to have a place to shower and change their wet clothes before going into the house.

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Custom Shed Designs

Get creative with custom sheds provided by Timberline Barns. Select a design to view details and customize it to turn into your new custom building.

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